1. I want to bid, how do I start?
It is as simple as ABC!  You are at the right place, register today and purchase one of the bid packages below:

Bid Credits

Bid Package price











2. My bid balance is zero, how do I top up my bid?

You need to be logged in first and the process is delightfully easy...


A. Click on 'Bid Now'  then click on 'Recharge your account now' and follow the steps.

B. 'Recharge your account now' link is located on the top right hand side under your username.  Click on this and follow the steps

3. Can I bid on multiple items?

Yes, you can bid on as many items that tickle your fancy.  The choice is yours.

4. How will I know I am the winner?

We are 100% transparent and the current bidder is always shown in real time.  If you are the winning bidder at the end of the auction, it will show the winning bidder username and you will receive a winner's notification via email or message.

5. When does the auction end?

The auction duration countdown 20d 10h 30m 12s is shown on every item.  When this hits zero there is only one winner. Ensure that is you!

6. Do I have to use my real name as username?

No but please ensure you enter the correct details on Wowzabid secure registration form.

7. How will I receive my winning item?

Your item will be speedily delivered direct to you.  Delivery arrangements will be agreed with you.  You will need to confirm the unique Wowzabid code and show two of the following identifications (below) confirming your identity to receive your items:

Driving License

Voters Card

International Passport

National ID

School ID + ATM card

8. Are you on social media?

Yes, go look us up Wowzabid on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for real time updates and exclusive offers. Don't miss out, stay current!

9. I noticed a few seconds is added to the time when I bid. Why?

This is the 10 seconds fair bidding rule when you bid, it gives someone an additional 10 seconds to challenge your bid. If there are no challengers then you are in pole position to win the auction. Exciting!

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