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Wowzabid's ETHOS

We make no apologies for giving our customers the best service, value and greatest satisfaction!

Wowzabid's STORY

Backed by our international parent company we launched late 2016 to take up the mantle to become Nigeria's number one e-auction portal.

Wowzabid's sole purpose is to present an opportunity for every Nigerian to bid for quality items at great value for your Naira. Everyone has an opportunity to bid and win fantastic, eye-watering items at unbelievable and affordable prices, see how your Naira will stretch.

You will be amazed and say 'Wowza' with what you can buy with N200. Register today and receive a FREE bid!

Nigeria should not miss out! We offer an extensive and tantalising range of products from recognisable global brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, VTech, Marc Jacobs, Uggs, Harrods and the list goes on...you can own these products at a fraction of the cost.

Wowzabid gives you access to all of this discount on Health and Beauty, Fashion, Education & Training and Electronics such as Smartwatches, iPads, Samsung tablets, Amazon tablets and the list goes on... Save over 80% off the original value

Our platform is safe and secure from all third parties.

Happy Bidding!


A Bonus for All Active Bidders

All active bidders* will be automatically added to Wowzerbid's exclusive prize draws.   

*If you are unregistered and inactive, sorry you do not qualify but there is time to register and start bidding today. 


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